We've found that our best installations and happiest customers are those where our engineers are involved early in the process. We highly recommend sending us installation drawings for complimentary review by our engineers.

In most cases, a simple hull modification will allow easy installation of the Transducer Module either in or out of the water. FarSounder has compiled a number of resources to help answer your pre-installation questions and guide the installation design process for our Argos navigation sonars.

The Drawing Packages (see links below), include complete drawings for all components in each of our products. They also include a block diagram of how the system integrates to together as well as sample fairing and installation drawings.

The Installation Design Guide (see link below), discusses the physical installation of the system. Included in this guide are a number of installation concept illustrations. We recognize that most vessels are unique and these drawings can be used as baselines for developing the appropriate solution for each particular vessel.

Complimentary Installation Drawing Review Services

We offer complimentary review of all installation drawings. Please send drawings to before any fabrication is begun. A drawing review helps to ensure a successful installation free of any issues.